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Top Ten Reasons to Hire Us

I was talking to my networking group earlier this week and I had to give a presentation. I wanted to make sure it was entertaining as well as informative, so I created the TOP TEN REASONS TO HIRE US:

10. Credit Building: We are a qualified property management company that has partnered with Experian RentBureau to assure our excellent residents improve their credit scores by making their monthly rent payments on time.

9. Resident Reward Program: In order to provide a reward for our residents caring for their homes, we offer a quarterly Resident Reward Program. Residents can nominate themselves or we can nominate them during our frequent drive-by inspection process. They get dinner on us at no charge to our owners. This is an incentive that we offer as part of our management package.

8. Continuing Education-Affiliations: I am a member of the National Association of Residential Property Management which requires annual continuing education in property management. Our membership in the National Association of Residential Property Management, the Colorado Association of Realtors, and the Pikes Peak Association of Realtors also require us to stay current in all aspects of real estate practice. We follow all national and state fair housing requirements and are a full service brokerage.

7. No worries for our owners/clients: We provide every service our clients need from advice on how to set up their investment property as a business, market rents, cash flow, maintenance, and exit strategies. Our state of the art management software assures our clients the best marketing and accounting products currently available in our industry.

6. Property Protection: We are the only property management company that we know of in our area the offers 3 interior visits per year at no additional expense to our clients. These visits assure routine maintenance including smoke alarm, carbon monoxide, and furnace/AC filter checks

5. Low Maintenance Costs: We offer in house maintenance at significant savings to our owners. We offer a no questions asked one year parts & labor warranty on all services that we provide to our clients. Our clients can rest assured that all maintenance issues will be dealt with in a prompt and efficient manner.

4. No Junk Fees: What does this mean to our owners? This is huge…we have no set up fees; no leasing fees; no cancellation fees. We want to exceed all expectations of our owners so they will be our best referrals. Our business is all about referrals.

3. Peace of Mind: Our owners can let us take care of everything…we have so many success stories of owners that wanted complete control giving it up so they so they can enjoy their lives while making a great income from their investments.

2. Money: It all comes down to cash flow. We make effort to assure that our clients are making a great income from their investments.

1. Landlord Success Program: We make every effort to assure that our clients look at every aspect of their rental property to make them money. This could be monthly cash flow, tax/depreciation benefits, sometimes even a loss if that works for them. Our goal is to improve lives… one casa at a time.

Posted by: coloradosucasapm on August 27, 2015
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