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Winterize Your Home

pexels-photo-25112The Season to Winterize (Before it gets Bad Outside)


There are many reasons to winterize your home, but more often than not the biggest reason is money. Whether it be to save on heating bills or to avoid costly repairs, everyone can use a few extra dollars in their bank account. And, that few extra dollars, could mean more like thousands of dollars when it comes to avoiding a repair. Take a quick look and see if our list can save you some money.

Our first item of attention is gutters. With Colorado Su Casa Realty as your property manager, you shouldn’t have to worry about this but I wanted to give a couple of reasons why it’s important. First of all, snow is heavy and when coupled with other stuff it may just be too heavy for the gutters. Dirty gutters can lead to overflows and dangerous hanging icicles, as well. It’s much easier to take care of those dirty gutters now than when the roof is slick with ice and you can’t feel your hands from the cold. Like I said though, luckily you are with Colorado Su Casa Realty and we take care of that for you.

Now that it is getting a cooler, it’s time to check your furnace filters. We will do that for you. A dirty furnace filter reduces airflow. Lower airflow means that your furnace runs longer to heat the house. The more your furnace runs, the more expensive your heating bills are. Besides heating bills, a dirty air filter can put undo wear on the furnace, thereby reducing the life of unit. If you have ever replaced a furnace, you know that it isn’t cheap. We will appreciate your cooperation in setting appointments to have your furnace checked.

Unhooking hoses from outdoor faucets and making sure the water is turned off may seem like something that everyone knows, but it is something that can be amazingly easy to overlook when starting to winterize. Frozen pipes are no fun. Especially when it leads to water damage on your favorite chair or your brand new stereo system shorting out in a Fourth of July like blaze of glory. Water damage is super expensive, however, a lot of time it can be preventable. So check the spigots all around your property and unhook your hoses.

Windows are a big one. That draft, that you can’t figure out where it’s coming from, could be coming from a window or vent that you opened in the warm weather. Always check windows before it gets cold outside. There is plenty you can do to save money even if you have old windows, too. For more information, please click here to read our Facebook post dedicated to winterizing windows. Now for something that a majority of people do not think of.

Having the right winter supplies are essential for you and your family’s safety. Whether it is a snow shovel to remove the snow from your sidewalk before it turns to ice, or extra food, it is essential to have supplies. Sometimes the power goes out, sometimes it’s possible to get snowed in, and sometimes you need to think about what could go wrong that you hadn’t thought of. We suggest keeping extra blankets, extra food, extra water, candles, at least one space heater, and extra of anything else that is essential to your family’s survival.

Colorado Su Casa Realty wants you and your family to have a safe and happy winter. Take some time to winterize; your wallet (and family) will thank you.

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