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Winterize Your Home

pexels-photo-25112The Season to Winterize (Before it gets Bad Outside)


There are many reasons to winterize your home, but more often than not the biggest reason is money. Whether it be to save on heating bills or to avoid costly repairs, everyone can use a few extra dollars in their bank account. And, that few extra dollars, could mean more like thousands of dollars when it comes to avoiding a repair. Take a quick look and see if our list can save you some money.

Our first item of attention is gutters. With Colorado Su Casa Realty as your property manager, you shouldn’t have to worry about this but I wanted to give a couple of reasons why it’s important. First of all, snow is heavy and when coupled with other stuff it may just be too heavy for the gutters. Dirty gutters can lead to overflows and dangerous hanging icicles, as well. It’s much easier to take care of those dirty gutters now than when the roof is slick with ice and you can’t feel your hands from the cold. Like I said though, luckily you are with Colorado Su Casa Realty and we take care of that for you.

Now that it is getting a cooler, it’s time to check your furnace filters. We will do that for you. A dirty furnace filter reduces airflow. Lower airflow means that your furnace runs longer to heat the house. The more your furnace runs, the more expensive your heating bills are. Besides heating bills, a dirty air filter can put undo wear on the furnace, thereby reducing the life of unit. If you have ever replaced a furnace, you know that it isn’t cheap. We will appreciate your cooperation in setting appointments to have your furnace checked.

Unhooking hoses from outdoor faucets and making sure the water is turned off may seem like something that everyone knows, but it is something that can be amazingly easy to overlook when starting to winterize. Frozen pipes are no fun. Especially when it leads to water damage on your favorite chair or your brand new stereo system shorting out in a Fourth of July like blaze of glory. Water damage is super expensive, however, a lot of time it can be preventable. So check the spigots all around your property and unhook your hoses.

Windows are a big one. That draft, that you can’t figure out where it’s coming from, could be coming from a window or vent that you opened in the warm weather. Always check windows before it gets cold outside. There is plenty you can do to save money even if you have old windows, too. For more information, please click here to read our Facebook post dedicated to winterizing windows. Now for something that a majority of people do not think of.

Having the right winter supplies are essential for you and your family’s safety. Whether it is a snow shovel to remove the snow from your sidewalk before it turns to ice, or extra food, it is essential to have supplies. Sometimes the power goes out, sometimes it’s possible to get snowed in, and sometimes you need to think about what could go wrong that you hadn’t thought of. We suggest keeping extra blankets, extra food, extra water, candles, at least one space heater, and extra of anything else that is essential to your family’s survival.

Colorado Su Casa Realty wants you and your family to have a safe and happy winter. Take some time to winterize; your wallet (and family) will thank you.

Record Home Sales in Colorado Springs!

The Pikes Peak Region’s Real Estate Statistics through August 2016

Prepared exclusively by Bill McAfee, President of Empire Title



















Colorado Springs Beats Boulder Real Estate?

Home For Sale Real Estate Sign and House stock photo

Recently, Boulder, Colorado, has been making some National headlines as the number 1 real estate market in the United States. That’s great and all, but we live in Colorado Springs. While we are happy for our neighbors to the North, what does that mean for us? Well, a lot, actually.

According to, the median home price in Boulder is now $549,600! That’s up by 18.5% since last year! That is great for them, but it is also pricing a lot of people out of the market. What does that have to do with Colorado Springs?

The median home price in Colorado Springs is $259,000. Now to me, that sounds a little more reasonable. Also, the growth rate of 5.9% seems a little more sustainable, in my opinion. With property values surging in the areas around us, like Boulder, Colorado Springs is looking more and more attractive by saving homeowners some money while still providing those iconic Colorado Vistas.

Colorado Springs is in a unique position, though. According to Ted Rayburn’s article at The Gazette, the transitional nature of the military personnel here in Colorado Springs leads to a constant high demand in rental properties. He states, “Our military bases bring the city a large pool of renters who have steady income, and that means fewer houses and apartments are sitting empty until permanent residents come along.” This has led to Colorado Springs rents rising at the fastest rate in the United States, according to Rich Laden of the Gazette.

Mr. Laden states in his article, “Colorado Springs rents rising at No. 1 rate in the US“, that Colorado Springs rents are growing at a rate 11.4% a year. That’s 28% faster than the number 2 on the list, Tampa, FL! Eat your heart out, Boulder; we are number 1, too. What does this all mean, though?

Well, it means that this could be a great time to start, or grow, your real estate portfolio. With interest rates still extremely low, and rents rising at record pace, adding a rental property to your portfolio sure is sounding appealing. But, can’t a rental property be a hassle dealing with tenants, repairs, and keeping it occupied? Well…that is where we come in.



Keep Your Garbage Disposal Healthy

Keep your Garbage Disposal Healthy: Do’s and Don’tsSinkPix

Here are some tips on how to properly care for your garbage disposal.  Please remember you are responsible to keep it clean and working properly.

Garbage Disposal Do’s:

  • Do keep your garbage disposal clean.
  • Do run your garbage disposal regularly.
  • Do grind food waste with a strong flow of cold water.
  • Do cut large food items into smaller pieces.

Garbage Disposal Don’ts:

  • Don’t grind rock, glass, plastic, metal or paper.
  • Don’t grind anything combustible.
  • Don’t grind cigarette butts.
  • Don’t pour grease, oil, or fat into your garbage disposal or ANY drain.
  • Don’t use hot water when grinding food waste.
  • Don’t grind extremely fibrous material like corn husks, celery stalks, onion skins and artichokes.
  • Don’t turn off the motor or water until grinding is complete.
  • Don’t put potato skins down the garbage disposal.
  • Don’t put large amounts of foods down the garbage disposal.
  • Don’t put expandable foods down the drain (rice, pasta, etc.)
  • Don’t grind bones
  • Don’t use harsh chemicals like bleach or drain cleaners. They can damage pipes.

To Remove or Prevent Garbage Disposal Smells

  • Toss lemon or orange peels into the disposal and grind up.
  • Put baking soda and salt into the drain and leave it a few hours before running the water.

What we do for our tenants!

Here at Colorado Su Casa Realty, we pride ourselves on the service we provide to all of our residents. Not only do we follow up with work orders, and how our maintenance crew treated you and your home. We also do drive by inspections  to ensure that you are keeping your home in good condition. We want to keep safety as a major priority by having bi-annual inspections on Smoke & Carbon detectors, as well as furnace filters. We would love to see all our residents to be active on the tenant portal, because you not only can put in a work order but can communicate 24/7 with our staff.

Top Ten Reasons to Hire Us

I was talking to my networking group earlier this week and I had to give a presentation. I wanted to make sure it was entertaining as well as informative, so I created the TOP TEN REASONS TO HIRE US:

10. Credit Building: We are a qualified property management company that has partnered with Experian RentBureau to assure our excellent residents improve their credit scores by making their monthly rent payments on time.

9. Resident Reward Program: In order to provide a reward for our residents caring for their homes, we offer a quarterly Resident Reward Program. Residents can nominate themselves or we can nominate them during our frequent drive-by inspection process. They get dinner on us at no charge to our owners. This is an incentive that we offer as part of our management package.

8. Continuing Education-Affiliations: I am a member of the National Association of Residential Property Management which requires annual continuing education in property management. Our membership in the National Association of Residential Property Management, the Colorado Association of Realtors, and the Pikes Peak Association of Realtors also require us to stay current in all aspects of real estate practice. We follow all national and state fair housing requirements and are a full service brokerage.

7. No worries for our owners/clients: We provide every service our clients need from advice on how to set up their investment property as a business, market rents, cash flow, maintenance, and exit strategies. Our state of the art management software assures our clients the best marketing and accounting products currently available in our industry.

6. Property Protection: We are the only property management company that we know of in our area the offers 3 interior visits per year at no additional expense to our clients. These visits assure routine maintenance including smoke alarm, carbon monoxide, and furnace/AC filter checks

5. Low Maintenance Costs: We offer in house maintenance at significant savings to our owners. We offer a no questions asked one year parts & labor warranty on all services that we provide to our clients. Our clients can rest assured that all maintenance issues will be dealt with in a prompt and efficient manner.

4. No Junk Fees: What does this mean to our owners? This is huge…we have no set up fees; no leasing fees; no cancellation fees. We want to exceed all expectations of our owners so they will be our best referrals. Our business is all about referrals.

3. Peace of Mind: Our owners can let us take care of everything…we have so many success stories of owners that wanted complete control giving it up so they so they can enjoy their lives while making a great income from their investments.

2. Money: It all comes down to cash flow. We make effort to assure that our clients are making a great income from their investments.

1. Landlord Success Program: We make every effort to assure that our clients look at every aspect of their rental property to make them money. This could be monthly cash flow, tax/depreciation benefits, sometimes even a loss if that works for them. Our goal is to improve lives… one casa at a time.

A Great Loss

We lost our beloved Golden Retriever, Harmony, yesterday. She went to sleep for the last time and passed peacefully after many loving years with us. Harmony became a part of my life in December 2007. I was just forming Colorado Su Casa Realty LLC when we adopted her from the Retriever Rescue of Colorado. She was an older girl at the time and not in good health. She had been moved around among several foster homes until she came to live with us. We cared for her and gave her a wonderful life. Her gentle and sweet disposition will be missed by all. Thank you to those of you that have given us support during this difficult time.

As the owner/broker of Colorado Su Casa Realty, I enjoyed meeting with other Broker Owners at an event sponsored by the Colorado Association of Realtors in Colorado Springs on April 22, 2015. In addition to discussions about how to improve our businesses, there was a legislative briefing of importance to every property owner in Colorado. Shown below is a summary of each bill currently in legislation:
1) Construction Defects Reform would fix the current defect in state law that exposes home builders and homeowners to a high risk of expensive, time-consuming litigation. Looks like it will pass this session.
2) HOA Manager Licensing Reform would make some adjustments to the requirements for all HOA managers to be licensed. Expected to pass this session.
3) Wildfire Tax Deduction to Tax Credit would provide financial incentives for owners to properly prepare for wildfires (i.e. clear brush or trees from close proximity to structures, etc). Deduction is capped at $2500.
4) Home Inspector Licensing bill died in the current session but the Colorado Association of Realtors will continue to push for licensing to assure that their clients have better protection.
5) Urban Renewal Authorities changes the default funding formula to use sales and property taxes to fund their projects. This bill could make urban renewal projects much more difficult to achieve and is opposed by the Colorado Association of Realtors.

Guide to Home Ownership

Here at Colorado Su Casa, we realize the renting is not for everyone, and we wanted to remind you that we are a full service real estate company. That means we do both property management and sales, and we would love to help get you started on the road to home ownership.

There are several initial steps to be taken when you start the home-buying process.

  1. Determine your needs, desires, price range, style, and location.
  2. Set an appointment with our preferred lender. We would be happy to set up the appointment for you. They can also help you through almost any credit situation.
  3. Begin to preview properties that fill your needs, desires, and price range. We are members of the multiple listing service and can review all the available properties with you and set appointment for showings.

MAKING THE OFFER – we will guide you through the entire process from the beginning to closing when you receive your keys.

We are here to answer any questions and to help guide you through what can be a tricky process. Give us a call at 719-445-2018 to get started on your way to home ownership!

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